Allow me to introduce myself

Hey, Sleepy Mamas!

I am new to blogging, so I’ll keep this intro post short’n‘sweet.

I’m Candace – epidemiologist by day & keyboard warrior by night. I’ve taken to the internet to start a dialogue on typical infant development, the need for parental cycle-breaking, & the unreasonable societal expectations for parents.

I’m a first time pandemic mama (Summer 2020) who usually spends her free time being a nerd (reading about the latest COVID variant or infant sleep-related research)… but I also enjoying spending time with our two adopted ex-racing greyhounds, getting outside (preferably hiking), or working on some project for our old home that always has something that needs fixing!

St. Johns on their first family hike – September 2020

I hope that we can connect on social media (check out my Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook) get to know each other better!

Thank you for being here!